By-Laws of the Pend Oreille County  Republican

Central Committee

Edited 07/08/2019
The name of this organization shall be the Pend Oreille County Republican Central Committee (here after referred to as the Central Committee and/or POCR)
The purpose of the Central Committee shall be:
1. To elect Republicans to public office.
2. To attract voters and volunteers to the Republican Party.
3. To lead, contribute, and participate in the establishment of a Republican Party organization that is an effective vehicle for setting public policy.
4. To fulfill those functions conferred on it by state law, and
To plan, organize, administer, and finance the County Central Committee’s operations to accomplish the other stated purposes.
POC PARTY and CENTRAL COMMITTEE: (Last Rev. 05/23/2019)
The Pend Oreille County Republican Party shall consist of all members: both local residents and foreign members (defined as residing outside the county but paying taxes on property and businesses in the county) in good standing, with dues paid prior to the beginning of the previous regularly scheduled meeting.
The Pend Oreille County Republican Central Committee shall consist of all duly elected POCR Officer and elected or appointed Republican Precinct Committee (PCO) and Precinct Committee Persons at large.
PROVIDED, however, that until the organization meeting of the Pend Oreille County Republican Central Committee, hereafter referred to as the Central Committee, has been completed following a general election, the members of the Central Committee shall be limited to those precinct committeepersons elected by a majority vote of the electors, in their respective precincts, in the general election and certified by the County Auditor, as provided by law (RCW29A.80.030).
PROVIDED FURTHER, that when a vacancy in the office of precinct committeeperson exist because a failure to elect at a State General election, such vacancy may be filled after the organization meeting of the Central Committee by the Chair (RCW 29A.80.031).
The organization meeting of the Central Committee shall be held after each general election in even numbered years, prior to December 3*, at a time and easily accessible location within the county determined by the County Chair. At such meeting the Central Committee shall elect a Chair, and a Vice-Chair who shall be of the opposite sex from the Chair, a treasurer, a Secretary, one State Committeeman, one State Committeewoman and three delegates to the 7th Legislative District Republican Committee; make rules and regulations to govern itself during the succeeding biennium; and perform all other functions inherent to such organization. The County Chair shall notify each PCO to the time and place of such meeting by email or letter not less than ten days prior to the date of such meeting. (RCW 29A,80.020 – “Each odd year no later than second Saturday of January).
The order of business at the organization meeting shall be as follows:
  1. Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
  2. Reading of Call
  3. Roll Call
  4. Elect temporary Chair to conduct meeting
  5. Vote on By-Laws
  6. Election of County Chair*
  7. Election of County Vice-Chair*
* (RCW 29A.80.030 – Only PCOs may vote)
  8. Election of State Committeewoman
  9. Election of State Committeeman
  10. Election of Treasurer
  11. Election of Secretary
  12. Election of 3 Delegates to 7th Legislative District Committee
  13. Unfinished business
  14. New Business
  15. Closing Prayer/Benediction
  16. Adjourn
  1. The officers of the Central Committee shall consist of the County chair, County Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, State Committeeman, State Committeewoman, and 3 Delegates to the 7th Legislative District Committee who must be members of the Pend Oreille County Republican Party
  2. The County Chair may appoint a PCO at large to assist with the electoral process.
  3. Three PCOs may be appointed at Large by the County Chair, one for each Commissioner District.
  4. Republican members of the State Legislature and Republicans holding elective positions in Pend Oreille County are to be Ex-Officio members. Ex-Officio members cannot vote in the election of the Chair, vice-chair or other offices per state RCW in the organization meeting, unless they are also an elected PCO.
  5. The Chair of any committee appointed by the County Chair shall remain Chair for the duration of his/her term of office.
  6. It is the County Chair’s responsibility to do everything necessary to promote, in his/her judgment, the best interest of the Republican Party within Pend Oreille County, including the training of Committee Chairs and Precinct Committeepersons. The Chair may delegate those duties which he/she feels should be beneficial to the Republican Party.
The County Chair is authorized and empowered to create from the Republican members of the Pend Oreille County, such committees, as he/she may deem necessary and advisable, and to appoint the Chair, thereof. The County Chair shall have the power to appoint Precinct Committeepersons where vacancies occur. The County Chair shall have the power to appoint or have elected delegates to the 7th Legislative District per the 7th District By-laws.
  • The County Central Committee shall have the power to remove the Chair, Vice-Chair or any member appointed by the Chair, for non-performance, or any other reason deemed by the Central Committee to be sufficient, by a two-thirds majority vote.
  • The Central Committee shall have the power to remove the Secretary, Treasurer, State Committeeman, State Committeewoman or delegates to 7th Legislative District Committee by two-thirds majority vote.
  • The County Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Central Committee.
  • The County Chair may call a special meeting with PCOs. There must be a ten (10) day notice to call a special Central Committee meeting. A special meeting may be called at the discretion of the County Chair. Those members are responsible for notifying their people if a special Central Committee meeting is to be held.
  • The County Chair shall arrange and provide for holding Precinct Caucuses in the several precincts and Precinct Committeepersons shall designate a suitable place for holding said caucuses, and sufficient notice thereof. Said notice shall be given and location designations shall be reported to the Chair not less than (30) days prior to the caucus. Exception: The County Central Committee may hold the caucus in one central location.
  • The Chair shall have the power and it shall be his/her duty to solicit and receive funds on behalf of the Central Committee, either personally or through any representative appointed by him/her for that purpose, and shall transmit, or cause to be transmitted to the Treasurer, all such funds received.
  • The Chair has the authority to issue annual membership cards in the Pend Oreille County Republican Party and to establish a donation schedule for this membership. All membership funds are hereby allocated for the sole purpose of Pend Oreille County Republican Party operational expenses.
  • The Chair shall do all things in his/her power to promote successfully the campaigns during this term of office for the general election of the Republican ticket. The County Chair shall have all the power and perform all the duties usually incident or pertaining to the office of Chair of County Political Operations.
  • The County chair shall be particularly diligent to ensure that all Washington State GOP by-laws, rules and regulations are obeyed properly, including PDC filings with attention to the McCain- Feingold act.
  • It shall be the duty of the County Vice-Chair to consult and work in close cooperation with the County Chair to promote organizations in the County under his/her direction and to act as liaison officer between other Republican groups in the County and Central Committee.
  • The County Vice-Chair shall exercise all the powers and perform all the duties of the County Chair in the event of his/her inability to act. In case of incapacity to fulfill duties, removal or resignation of the County Chair, the County Vice-Chair shall, within sixty (60) days, call a meeting of the Central Committee for the purpose of filling such vacancy, per Washington State Republican Party rules.
  • The State Committeeman and State Committeewoman and Chairman shall be the representative of the pend Oreille County Republicans to the Republican State Central Committee, and shall exercise and perform such powers and duties as usually pertain to those offices and report fully to the Central Committee, or otherwise fulfill the duties of their office.
  • The County chair shall have the authority to remove and to appoint successors as may be necessary.
  • Delegates serve as liaison between Pend Oreille County party and 7th District Republican Committee. Delegates are responsible for reporting, making request to legislators and sharing concerns and questions to 7th Legislative District committee.
  • Delegates must be active in the 7th District quarterly meetings. Quarterly meetings and fund-raising activities are held in various locations around the 7th Legislative District boundaries.
  • The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the Central Committee
  • The Secretary shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the County Chair
  • The Secretary shall not change, nor allow to be changed, the minutes except when corrected as directed by the Central Committee.
The treasurer shall be the custodian of all funds of the Republican Party in Pend Oreille County.
  1. He/she shall keep an accurate record of all receipts and shall disburse finds only on receipt of vouchers form the County Chair.
  2. He/she shall deposit all Republican Party funds received in a bank designated by the County Chair.
  3. All checks drawn on such funds shall be signed by the Treasurer or the Vice-Chair. One signature shall be required on all checks written.
  4. His/her books shall be reviewed biannually by a Reviewing Committee appointed by the County Chair.
  5. He/she shall take all necessary steps to be in compliance with PDC and Federal Statutes of the McCain-Feingold Act regarding fund raising and the reporting thereof.
  6. Monthly financial statements shall be required. These statements shall include previous balance, debts, credits and current balance.
  7. Incoming Treasurer at the discretion of the Chair, is authorized to attend PDC Training in Olympia at the Central Committee expense.
FINANCES: (para. 4 - Amended 8/23/2019)
  1. There will be a Treasurer report and the books will be open at every meeting.
  2. There will be an annual report January each year.
  3. The Pend Oreille County Republican Party requires one signature on each check. Those signing will either be the treasurer or Vice-Chair.
  4. Motion to Donate: Any motion to contribute to a candidate, interest group or cause (i.e., any non-administrative) in an amount exceeding $200 shall be voted on by the POCR members at the regularly scheduled Party meeting immediately following the regularly scheduled Party meeting at which the motion was made.
  5. Candidate fundraisers: Candidates will supervise, manage, record and report their finances derived thereof without the funds going through the party records. Each candidate is responsible for meeting the State Public disclosure Commission Requirements.
The order of business of the pend Oreille County Republicans shall be as follows:
  1. Call to order
  2. Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Reading of the minutes
  4. Treasurer’s report
  5. On-Going business
    • Report from State Committeeman and Committeewoman
    • Report from 7th Legislative District
    • Report form Elected Officials
  6. Unfinished business
  7. New business
  8. Closing prayer/benediction
  9. Adjourn
MEMBERSHIP: (Last Rev. 5/23/2019)
On questions before the Pend Oreille County Party, regarding operating expenditure of membership dues for administration purposes as outlined in Section B, Finances, para. (b), and/or where fulfilling WA. RCW statutory requirements, officers and or PCO’s have one vote as defined in Section A.
 On all other non-statutory questions before the Pend Oreille County Republican Party, all POCR local and foreign members have one vote when present at POCR meetings.
All POCR members voting, must be in good standing with dues paid on or before the previous regularly scheduled meeting.
DUES: (Last Rev. 07/08/2020)
  1. If dues are paid after May 1, they are considered paid for the following year. Our membership anniversary date for renewals and/or expiration is July 1.
  2. For registered Republicans, legally residing outside of Pend Oreille County, but subject to paying property tax in Pend Oreille County, annual dues are $30 per person/or $45 per couple. Their voting rights are the same as the general membership, but they cannot hold office in the POCR.
  1. Any member can be removed from the Pend Oreille County Party for cause by two thirds majority vote.
  2. If a member of the Pend Oreille County Republican Party publicly supports a candidate for any other partisan public office in a general election or special election who is opposed by a Republican candidate officially nominated pursuant to the Washington State Republican Party Rules, shall be removed from membership on the central Committee. Removal of membership will result in the removal of that individual from all rights and privileges granted in these by-laws to County Committee members. The County Committee member shall further be banned from participating in any County Committee activities for a minimum period of two years from the date of removal. He/she cannot hold an elected position at State, 7th District or County level in the Republican Party for a minimum two-year period.
  1. Reference to the Top 2 Primary System: A Republican candidate that is an incumbent may be officially endorsed and/or supported by the Pend Oreille County Republican before the Primary if said candidate has filed and receives two thirds support of Pend Oreille County Republicans members who have voting privileges present at the regularly scheduled meeting.
  2.  At the regularly scheduled monthly Party meeting following the Primary Election, voting shall take place on all contested races for which the Party has not previously held an endorsement vote.
  3.  If both candidates advancing to the General Election in a particular race are Republicans, a vote will take place in which members are asked to select one of the candidates for official endorsement. In order to secure a sole official endorsement, a candidate must receive 60% or more of the votes by Pend Oreille County Republican members present who have voting privileges.
  4.  If neither candidate receives 60% of the votes to officially endorse, a second round of voting will occur. During this second round of voting, each member will vote “yes” or “no” on each candidate. Any candidate receiving 50% or more of the votes shall receive the official endorsement of the Pend Oreille County Republican Party. This may result in a dual endorsement, or no official endorsement.



1. POCR Central Committee reserves the sole right and authority to determine if a candidate meets the current platform guidelines of the POCR and WSRP to legitimately run as, and/or be endorsed as a Republican by the POCR Chair. The chair of the vetting committee may be appointed by the POCR Cahir according to the by-laws.

2. Candidate information, gathered by the POCR Vetting committee, is intended for publication to the public as voting guidelines and suggestions.
A) No reports, accusations or endorsements of other sources shall be made anonymously.
B) The POCR Central Committee shall make and document their best effort to verify the transparency and validity of the source material and/or person making such claims to be permanently documented in the candidates confidential POCR file.
C) If the source is a publication available to the public, or through social media, document copies and screen shots must be produced and archived by the POCR Vetting Committee Chair.

3. Local, regional, statewide, and national candidates may be endorsed by the general membership without membership requirements in the POCR. They are not eligible for any funding by the POCR without a super majority approval by 60%+ of the entire POCR membership attending at the time of the vote. Said vote must be announced to the general members no later than the month prior to the next general meeting when the vote would occur.

Said vote must be made in person.

4. POCR members, who have been a member in good standing for no less than one year prior to legally announcing their candidacy, only require a simple majority vote approval for funding by the general membership present as outlined in the current bylaws.

5. Candidates accepting POCR endorsement with a funding award must sign a written pledge prior to receiving their monetary award.
A) The candidate must pledge not to publicly or privately, endorse or support, in any way, a candidate running for a partisan office that is not a Republican for the entirety of the endorsed candidate’s term in office.
B) Said candidate agrees to return all funding awards within thirty (30) days written notice from the POCR Chair and signed by at least a simple majority of the elected and appointed PCO’s in the event they violate their pledge.

C) The candidate may request, in writing, to appeal the ruling in person, as determined by a simple majority vote of the Central Committee members.
D) Failure to appeal and/or return the funding award within thirty (30) days of the formal notice negates all opportunity to further appeal.
E) Said candidate agrees to pay all related collection cost incurred by the POCR to secure the return of the awarded funds if necessary

                                        SECTION F

(See also Section B - Meeting, para. C)
The order of business shall be as follows:
  1. Resolutions of temporary organizations as set forth
  2. Roll Call of Precinct Committeepersons
  3. Election of delegates and alternates to the County Convention
  4. Report of the Committee on Platforms and Resolutions
  5. Motions and Resolutions from the floor
  6. Miscellaneous business
  7. Adjourn
  1. The convention delegates shall elect Platform, Resolution and Credential representatives to the State Convention. The Platform must be written, voted on and go forward to the State Convention exactly that way.
  2. The Pend Oreille County Convention shall adopt the following rules for the Convention
 A. No proxies shall be recognized by the Convention
 B. On all questions before the Convention, the vote shall be by “Yeas” or “Nays” or standing vote, unless a role call vote is called for.
 C. All Resolutions and Platform and Credential Candidates must be approved by the committee.
 D. The proponent of any motion shall be allowed the privilege of the floor for three (3) minutes. No person shall speak on any subject more than once and all speeches shall be limited to three (3) minutes. The Chairman shall appoint a timekeeper.
(New Section Passed 09/02/2019)
By-Laws Amendment Process
 1. Motions to amend the POCR By-laws shall be included by the chair in the new business agenda of the next general meeting and/or referred to the standing by-laws committee, thereby allowing time to give all POCR members notice of pending consideration.
 2. POCR Members wishing to submit a proposed motion amending the POCR By-law’s may;
 A. Submit two typed copies to the POCR chair including the existing section to be amended, no later than 14 days prior to the next regularly scheduled general monthly meeting for discussion by all members during “new business.”
 B. Use their floor privileges to introduce it to the POCR membership during “new business” for initial consideration and limited discussion whereupon it will be referred to the central committee and /or scheduled by the chair for further consideration at the next regularly scheduled meeting.
 3. Whereas; the chair recognizes that members wishing to present their input regarding a by-law change may not be able to attend the meetings when it is under consideration, therefore;
 A. Absent members may submit their written comments, limited to 100 words, to be read to the attendees by the chair prior to close of discussion, unless the topic is deemed to be redundant of comments already presented.
 B. During discussion of by-law amendments, the chair will not recognize a “call the question” to end debate until at least three members have been given an opportunity to speak for, and three members have been given an opportunity to speak against the motion.
 4. At the close of discussion, the chair may;
 A. Table the motion to amend and end discussion until the next scheduled meeting or,
 B. Call for a membership vote to send the amendment motion for a majority approval of the Central Committee in attendance at the next regularly scheduled POCR meeting.
 C. If the amendment is approved by a majority of the Central Committee members in attendance, as submitted, with no other changes, the motion is passed. If there are changes, the motion fails and will be sent back to the general membership with the Central Committee’s recommendations for further changes. The process may begin again at the next regularly scheduled POCR meeting.
 5. Simple word changes to a by-law, either proposed or existing, may be done during the discussion process and/or during the voting on a new motion to insert words, add words, or strike out and add words. After the motion to amend is seconded, the chair;
 A. States the amendment.
 B. Gives the main motion as it would read if the amendment were adopted. C. Makes clear once more what is the amendment to the by-law that is to be debated or voted on.
 D. In announcing the result of the vote of the simple word change amendment, the chair finishes by restating the wording of the main motion as it then stands.
 E. After all simple word changes are resolved, the chair will then call for the vote on the proposed motion as it is now modified, in its entirety.
  6. Once a motion to amend the by-laws has completed the above approval process by the general membership with a separate confirmation vote by the Central Committee members, it will take effect immediately, unless it includes provisions for a deferred start date.
(Previously Section H)
The Pend Oreille County Republican Party supports good, sound affordable education; thus, may support or oppose M&O levies, building or repair bonds after careful research and surveys by an appointed committee. This must be voted on by the Pend Oreille County Republican Party Members.
These By-Laws are approved by the vote of the Pend Oreille County Republican Party on December 2018 and last amended on July 8, 2020.
Chairman: Bill Deilke
Secretary: Kelli Youk